What's new in 1.4.1?

This version has several bugs fixed most of them for autocompletion

  • Autocompletion was not working correctly with namespaces or attributes using single instead of double quotes
  • Formatting was putting attributes in different lines
  • Multiline attribute values get incorrect Syntax coloring.
  • Maven build was fixed
  • Fixing validation on xml without Schema or DTD
  • Minor fix in Outline view and preferences

1.4.1 closed issues

What's new in 1.1.2?


What's new in 1.1.0?


  • XML validation error's severity could be configured to be Error (default) or Warning.
  • XML Tag folding.
  • Quick Assist to remove surrounding Tag through Ctrl-1.
  • Configuring line width size used on formatting.
  • Supporting noNamespaceSchemaLocation for schema location definition which will be used for validation and autocompletion.
  • Pressing enter on XPath Viewer combo will trigger evaluation.


  • Saving an external file throw IllegalThreadStateException displaying an error dialog.
  • XPat Viewer can evaluate expressions on a document defining xsd namespaces.
  • Fixing extra indentation added on copy&paste of tags.
  • Code formatting preserves spaces in tag's bodies.
  • Editor's content-type binding priority set to "normal" trying avoid taking precedence over more specific editors.
  • F3 to open a file or class now has as delimiters the single quote and question mark which makes possible to open the following examples: 'a.b.c.ClassName' and not just "a.b.c.ClassName", and 'file.jsp?a="x"&b="y"'

What's new in 1.0.0?


  • Rewriting content assist processors to distinguish each part of the document to assist (tag name, attribute name, attribute value, etc) generated the opportunity to improve the accuracy on proposals generation and the addition of proposals to close the current incomplete tag and to add a corresponding closing tag.
  • Class proposals acts as in previous versions or on configured attributes and tag's bodies. Such preferences configuration will allow to explicitly define which attributes of which tags will contain class names as values, including the possibility to define which class/interface should be extended/implemented. This is also possible for tag's bodies.
  • Suggestion of restrictions defined in XSD for an attribute as possible attribute values.
  • In a file defining a XSD, autocompleting a tag's attribute which has defined a default value will write the selected attribute with the default value as its value.
  • New preference page for JDT integration including:
    • Severity used to mark errors (Error, Warning, Info, Ignore).
    • Switch between validating all attributes and tag's bodies or just the ones configured for such a task.
    • In configured tag's and attributes it is possible to define from which class/interface should extend/implement the written values.
  • Extension points where improved and documented in Extending Rinzo section which will allow to extend Rinzo's behavior.


What's new in 0.9.0?


  • Quick Assist Allows 6 commons actions on a tag by the use of Ctrl-1 shortcut
  • Refactoring Support Starting to add refactors to the editor. At this time tag renaming in different scopes is available.
  • Configuration Some configurations elements were taken care of. Like changing the editor's background color, indentation using tag or spaces and file association by content-type, allowing the use of more specific editors for different xml's types.

What's new in 0.8.0?


  • XPath Viewer A basic viewer to evaluate xpath expression in the currently selected Rinzo's editor.
  • Document Navigation A couple of key shortcuts to jump through the document tags in order to speed document navigation.

What's new in 0.7.0?

The main goal of this version is to add namespace support to the editor a feature that will improve the edition of things like Spring's configuration files.


  • Namespace Support Now all schemas defining an xml are considered in editor's functionalities like autocompletion.
  • Hover over errors When you put the mouse cursor over a line with an error mark its message is displayed in a hover.
  • Hover on Tags and Attributes Positioning the mouse over a tag or attribute displays its documentation including its XPath in a hover.


  • Attribute documentation was adding the "Data type" definition each time it was displayed
  • Comments in outline now displays 20 first characters plus "..."
  • AutoIndentation was throwing an exception when trying to indent after a node without indentation
  • Create class dialog wizard is configured with the source folder where the xml is on or the first available one.

What's new in 0.6.0?

This version has less external changes, bugfixed and features than expected, but that doesn't mean the project stood still!! Because the core of this release are the refactors done to gain extensibility.


  • Pair Node Matching: To know where is the ending tag of an opening one. And the opening tag of and ending one.
  • Range Highlight: To know the entire area used by the tag where the caret is positioned.
  • Escape Characters: No more encoding problems that should be solved by reviewing entire documents to escape characters everywhere.
  • Also notice that from this version it is required Eclipse version 3.3 or above and JRE 5 or above.


All the behavior concerning JDT was decoupled to its own plugin, which allowed to create 2 generalizations in the form of Eclipse's extension points to create custom extensions of Rinzo's features.

Please take into account that this extensions will be documented properly on next releases when they'll be more stable and suitable to be used by third parties.

Although this is still a work in progress and is subject to changes, you can find this extension points to play with:

  • ar.com.tadp.xml.rinzo.core.contentAssist: Point to define content assist processors which will populate the list of proposals to be displayed when the user requires it.
  • ar.com.tadp.xml.rinzo.core.validators: Here is where will be defined all the validators to be used on the currently edited document


Several bugs were fixed regarding

What's new in 0.5.0?

Besides some internal refactors, this release includes a fix for bug:

What's new on 0.4.0?

This is Rinzo's first release at Source Forge