You can download the latest version 1.4.1 from Sourceforge


Installation Using Eclipse Market Place

If you have Eclipse 3.7 you can drag the Install icon below the left menu into your workspace to install Rinzo XML Editor.

Installation Using the Update Site

  • Select Help > Install New Software. This should display the "Install" dialog.
  • Paste the Update Site URL ( into the field named "Work with:" and press Enter. Pressing Enter should cause Eclipse to update list of available plugins and components.
  • Choose the component listed under "Rinzo XML Editor".
  • Click Next. Eclipse will then check to see if there are any issues which would prevent a successful installation.
  • Click Next and agree to the terms of the license.
  • Click Finish to begin the installation process. Eclipse will then download and install the necessary components.
  • Once the installation process is finished, Eclipse will ask you if you want to restart the IDE. It is strongly recommends that you restart your IDE after installing a plugin.

Manual Installation

Decompress the zip file you've downloaded and copy the two jar file into your eclipse's dropins directory and restart the eclipse.


Starting on version 0.6.0, if you are working on an Eclipse installation without java capabilities (without JDT)
you can install ONLY plugin in order to have just the main XML Editor.