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Automatic End Tag

When a start tag is closed <tag>|, it will be autocompleted with his corresponding ending tag <tag>|</tag>

Wen the start start tag is closed in order to be a single line tag <tag/|></tag>, the ending tag will be removed <tag/>| including all his contents.

Pair Node Matching

When the cursor is standing on an opening or ending tag, the corresponding pair will be remark.

Range Highlight

Every time you move the cursor the left rule will be painted blue marking all the lines the current tag occupies.

Tag and Attribute Documentation Hover

By positioning the cursor over an attribute or tag name a popup will display the element's name, documentation, type, and XPath

Document Navigation

Ctrl + Shift + DOWN and Ctrl + Shift + UP key combinations enable you to move throught the document jumping between sibling tags. In both cases if the current node doesn't have a sibling to jump to, the parent tag will be the next tag selected.