JAXB Integration

Dealing with xml files usually requires converting it to/from java objects in order to use them in the project's logic.
This integration attempts to automate the generation of bean model and its associated marshaller/unmarshaller in order to have a quick starting point to work with the information stored in an xml document.

Why JAXB? Well, one of the reason is because it requires no dependencies in the target project if you're using JDK 1.6 or above, because JAXB is bundled in JDK 1.6 so you can start reading/writing xml right away! :)
But also for being a standard and allowing the bean generation from xsd as required for this integration.

This option is present in the editor's contextual menu taking the defined xsd files as model definition for bean generation and using the following dialog to gather the rest of the configuration information:

Optionally, the second page of the wizard is where it could be defined the list of binding files to customize JAXB code generation:

In addition to JAXB code generation, Rinzo will also generate a parser named after the main entity of the xml (i.e: OrderParser.java) implementing methods to convert an xml to/from java objects.

Ok, but what if I want to marshall/unmarshall an xml with no xsd schema definition present? Well, remember Rinzo can also generate that one for you