Related Projects

Besides the development of Rinzo I'm also developing a couple of other Eclipse plugins that could be of interest even if they are not directly related to Rinzo:


GrepClipse is an easy way to filter an Eclipse console's content through a regular expression as you'll do it on a *nix console through the commands grep -n <regexpr> <currentConsoleContent> followed by tail -nf <newConsoleContent> | grep <regexpr> helping the analysis of logs during the execution of a process.

Prolog Development Tools (ProDT)

If you are (or once was) studying different paradigms languages and particularly logic paradigm, you probably had noticed the low availability of integrated development environments (IDE's) for Prolog.

ProDT was born as an attempt to overcome this shortcoming by generating a Prolog IDE over the Eclipse platform currently supporting the following Prolog implementations:

Uqbar Tomcat XT

Uqbar Tomcat XT plug-in is a successor of to the well-known Sysdeo Tomcat Launcher. An eclipse plugin adding useful features to launch and administer tomcat's context:

  • for runtime functions like start | stop | reload context
  • for configuration functions like removing a context.